Development Phases

Phase 1 - Basic Principles and Research

Concept supported by basic scientific principles (air cushion technology) and development of technological methodology (STAR System).


PHASE 2 - Application Formulated

System applications identified (transport of passengers and freight), U.S. Patent secured, and preliminary analyses confirm user need.


PHASE 3 - Proof of Concept

Performance metrics and full feasibility of system (economic analysis) established, experiments/modeling (local highway data, engineering calculations, material and operational costs) validates performance predictions of system capability.


PHASE 4 - Components Validated in Laboratory Environment

End-user requirements documented, plausible draft integration plan exists, and individual components (1/32 scale model including switch methodology and 1/16a powered air cushion module) successfully tested in laboratory.


PHASE 5 - Integrated Components Demonstrated in a Laboratory Environment

External and internal system interfaces documented, target and minimum operational requirements developed, and integration demonstrated in a laboratory environment.

PHASE 6 - Prototype Demonstrated in Relevant Environment

Operational environment fully known, prototype tested in realistic and relevant environment outside of laboratory, and prototype satisfies all operational requirements when confronted with realistic problems.

PHASE 7 - Technology Demonstrated in Operational Environment

Available components representative of production components, fully integrated prototype demonstrated in an operational environment, and all interfaces tested individually under stressed and anomalous conditions.

PHASE 8 - Technology Proven in Operational Environment

All system components form-, fit-, and function-compatible with each other and with the operational environment, technology proven in an operational environment, evaluation process and rigorous test completed successfully, and technology meets stated purpose and functionality as designed.

PHASE 9 - Technology Refined and Adopted

Technology is deployed in its intended operational environment, information about the technology is disseminated to the user community, and technology is adopted by the user community.